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A foreword about the upcoming EP, "Sincerely,."

First and foremost, thank you all so much for your love and support.

I'm sure by now that you are all aware that I wear my bleeding flippin' heart on my sleeve at all times... "Sincerely," perhaps demonstrates the epitome of my openness. Because of this, I'm afraid that many of you will be disappointed (not that I'm ever concerned). I never believed in making music simply for the sake of entertaining my listeners or for appeal of any sort; instead, I believe strongly that transparency is more valuable than entertainment. Truth, more precious than euphoria. The Lord has been revealing to me for these past few years that unity and community founded upon true relationships rooted in love for with one another is a commodity that is needed now more than ever: this EP was not meant to make you feel good. It wasn't intended to give you "good vibes" or any of that. But this is a display of my emotional nakedness. A recital of poems in which a desperate poet is stripped bare, everything laid aside with nothing left but his "sincere" passion and convictions. Why do I choose to be so personal? Why do I decide to show you everything? To help you understand that we look and feel the same when we're naked. Underneath the facades that plaster our true beauty with material and idealistic trends and fashion, our true selves bare none of these things. In the process of creating these pieces, I've realized that God loves us unconditionally; not for our righteous works, not for our exterior "beauty," not for our own creativity and progression or the masks we wear to protect ourselves. But as we are. As Christ loved us, I feel like we were meant to love each other with transparent, vulnerable, and emotionally naked hearts. "Sincerely," is my attempt to open up to you. Once you've heard "Sincerely," in its entirety, it is 'entirely' up to you (if you catch the vision) to reciprocate the sentiment not only to me, but to others who feel the same way, and ultimately love one another in a tangible, real way. I'm tired of fake.

"Sincerely," is a compilation of personal, yet symbolic letters directed toward certain people or groups of people that I love (thus, "Sincerely,"). I invite you to witness and feel my heart as it beats and palpitates so uncontrollably on my sleeve.

Might I also add, that me and Elyon Beats created this entire album ourselves. From production and sampling, mixing and mastering, lyrics and recording, artwork and distributing; all completely independent, non-profit, and definitely not "professionally" pressed due to our limited resources and equipment. We spent months creating just these few tracks. Any support would help us continue our work.

With that being said....



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released December 24, 2012

Prod by - Elyonbeats



all rights reserved


Elyon Sacramento, California

My name is Elyon, I started making hip hop beats ever since my friend suggested me to take a listen to Nujabes. Most of my beats are Nujabes and Premier influence.

I would like to thank you for visiting my bandcamp and your support.

Have a good day!
God bless!
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